Stage 2 tennisballen
  • Stage 2 tennisballen
  • Stage 2 tennisballen
  • Stage 2 tennisballen

Extra soft tennis ball, stage2

VAT included

PAY ATTENTION!! Extra soft balls

These are used stage 2 tennis balls. These tennis balls are extra soft.

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Stage 2 ball shows its advantages above all on the small courts. Tomorrow's stars quickly learn correct use of the ball and at the same time celebrate their first great successes. All in all, the Stage 2 ball has 50% less pressure, making it a lot easier to play for children.

The Stage 2 ball bounces slower and flatter than normal balls and is thus the correct choice for children, because it is on the small court that future superstars are made. Thanks to the outstanding stability, you will progress quickly and won't want to stop.

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