Oldtennisballs.com tries to create more sustainability in tennis and padel sport. We already give thousands of tennis and padel balls a second life outside of tennisworld, but with the Tennis Ball Saver, Tuboplus and the Ball Rescuer we hope to be able to create even more sustainability in tennis and padel sport. So choose for more sustainability and save on the costs of your tennis and padel balls.

How does the Tennisballsaver (TBS) / Tuboplus work?

The TBS / Tuboplus is very easy to use: open the tube, put the tennis balls in, close the tube by turning it to the desired pressure and you're done !!An extra hand pump is not required.

The effect of TBS is as follows: The air in the tube is compressed by the two parts and the sealing ring (O-ring) to an internal pressure between 10 and 14 psi depending on how far you turn. Because the balls come under internal pressure, the balls will not become soft and the original bounce power will be retained. 


Difference between the Tennisballsaver (TBS) and the Tuboplus.
There is actually no difference between the Tennisballsaver and the Tuboplus. The Tuboplus is a very good European alternative to the more famous American model, the "Tennis Ball Saver.’

Why a TBS, TUBO+ or a Ballrescuer?


New tennis balls start to become soft from the moment the new can is be opened. The TBS replaces the can by creating an internal pressure of compressed air in the tube with the same value as the original, in between 10 and 14 psi depending on the model and the type of ball. Now it doesn't matter if you open the tube 1 day, 1 week or even 6 months later: the pressure will ensure that the ball does not run soft. That way you can always keep the tennis balls fresh and of good quality when they are not being used.



Because you store the tennis balls under pressure, the tennis balls will not run empty if they are not played with. Normally people play 1.5 hours at a time. During the rest of the week / month, the balls lose pressure if the tennis balls are stored in the tennis bag or in a regular tennis can. However, with these procutes you can extend the life of your tennis balls.


A new can of tennis balls cost € 11.50 and will last 2 to 3 games before the tennis balls become too soft. If you can play with the same tennis balls longer without them becoming too soft, you will save many euros and this is better for the environmente. 

Ball Rescuer


The Ball Rescuer can be used for tennis balls & Padel balls. This product has only been on the market for a few years. We are very positive about this product.

- Extends the life of tennis and padel balls up to 10 times
- Compatible with all brands, Head, Dunlop, Slazenger
- Pressure indicator with three colors
- Compatible for most bicycle pumps
- Air pump not included
- To be used for padel and tennis balls

Don't wait any longer order now and start saving on your tennis or padel balls!!