'What are used old used tennis balls for?" Or "Who buys second-hand tennis balls??'

We often get the question: Who buys old used tennis balls? And what are they used for?
Below we have placed a collection of answers that we have received to the question: "What do you use old tennis balls for?’ 

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Put a tennis ball between the lid of the container. Aeration prevents bad smell Really work !!

Hockey training:



Honkbal of Softbal:

Electronic drum set:

Washer / dryer:

Boxing / gym:


Tennis ball Art:
Made by: Stefano Melo

Use a tennis ball to protect the nets so that the sticks do not pierce the net.

Christmas tree decoration:

For under the school chairs or for the gym and they are often used to tinker with.


Shoe buddies for children in third world countries:
A shoe box full of school supplies and fun little things such as soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste and also tennis balls.

As a 'Sensor' and / or bumper when entering a garage.

The towbar:
Place a tennis ball on the towbar. It protects the towbar from rust.

Back exercises, neck exercises.
Do-it-yourself tennis ball massage:
Massage the sole of the foot, the shoulder blade, the calf and the upper leg. Look at www.pilatesappingedam.nl how it should be done.:

Got a tip from Bart through our facebook page.

Tennis plant:

Dog Fleece toys:

Tennis balls on a rowing boat:
To prevent damage to other boats during the loading and unloading of a boat, specially prepared tennis balls are used on the barkers

I use a tennis ball for:  ……  let us know

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